Kaiame Naturals Best Natural Deodorant (Tea Tree) with Activated Charcoal Powder, All Natural and Organic Ingredients, Aluminum Free, Parabens Free, Phthalates Free

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  • ➢ SENSITIVE SKIN FORMULA - Unlike baking soda - heavy formulas, our natural deodorant will not irritate the skin (unless you are VERY sensitive to baking soda). We use just enough baking soda to combat odor; yet a small enough amount to prevent skin irritation.
  • POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE - Unlike most natural deodorants available on the market today, our natural deodorant REALLY works! Carefully selected ingredients work together to keep you smelling fresh all day!
  • ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Our 100% Natural deodorant is handcrafted using all natural and organic ingredients. It is Parabens Free, Aluminum Free, Phthalates Free, GMO Free and Cruelty Free.
  • ➢ Contains ACTIVATED CHARCOAL POWDER to help absorb sweat and neutralize odor. Packaged in a beautiful 2 oz blue GLASS jar.
  • 100% SATISFACTION or we will refund your money - no questions asked!

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